What is this?

This team builder is a collection of useful tools for competitive pokémon players.
It is a project that I've been working on as an hobby in my free time, I hope you all like it!


  1. Advanced Team Builder:

    Advanced tools like building suggestions and all-round filters for pokémon, items and moves are included!
  2. Usage Stats:

    Navigate through detailed statistics about a format of your choice.
  3. Formats System:

    Select your favorite format and build a team! A building suggestions system is included based on the usage stats of each format.
  4. Single Pokémon and Whole Team Coverage:

    See the resistances and weaknesses of your whole team or of a specific pokémon in different modes. You can also see the moves effectiveness of the pokémon in your teams based on the team's format usage stats.
  5. Teams Archive:

    Store and categorize your teams in as much folders as you like, so you'll never lose them!
  6. Showdown Compatible:

    It's compatible with Pokémon Showdown, you can import and export your teams and pokémon as much as you like!
  7. And much more...!

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